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Hydro Jetting Cleaning Systems

Diesel operated Hydro Jetting Cleaning Systems are used for thorough cleaning of hard to reach areas of pipeline interior of sewage treatment plants, industrial plants and sugar refineries. These high pressure cleaners use cold water as their medium of cleaning. These are equipped with necessary parts like tungsten carbide made nozzle with direct jetting function, Stainless steel fan jetting nozzle for effective cleansing of pipe surface, stainless steel chassis, powerful motor, pressure gauge, electric cabinet, booster pump, water gun having high pressure level and safety valve. Alloy metal made piston of these Hydro Jetting Cleaning Systems has unique anti septic properties and has less friction rate. Polymer seal is used to seal the piston in order to extend its working life.

Features :-
  • These cleaning systems cease to operate in case there is shortage of water supply.
  • Their alarm gets activated when the internal oil temperature surpasses the specified temperature limit.
  • Over pressure protection arrangement.
  • Long service life.
Hydro Jetting Machine
Hydro Jetting Machine
Capacity Range - Max Pressure : 1000 Bar, Max Flow : 255 LPM Heat Exchanger tube cleaning, Boiler Cleaning, Condenser Tube Cleaning Wet Sand Blasting Hydro Blasting Surface cleaning Surface preparation ship hull Cleaning, Paint Removal Target Industries:- Sugar Industries, Cement Industries, Chemical Industries, Marine Industries, Food Industries, Petrochemical Industries,
High Pressure Hydro Jetting Equipment
High Pressure Hydro Jetting Equipment
PXI 21.500