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Wet Sandblasting Equipments

Our wet sandblasting equipments are perfect for industrial uses. With excellent water sandblasting capabilities, they offer powerful pressure and efficient results. These equipments effectively remove layers of material from any surface. Also, there is a variety of methods for surface preparation industry. Wet Sandblasting is cost effective and provide excellent cleaning results. It is environment friendly too. This method is also effective for paint removal and rust removal etc. In the wet sandblasting, there is a mix of abrasive material and water jet that creates an abrasive spray. It can break away small bits of unwanted coating corrosion, and other adverse substances. The equipments help create a preferred finish.

Key Aspects:

  • Greater versatility & capabilities for astounding results.
  • Effective for dirt, paints, coatings, and corrosion etc.
  • Compact, simple to maintain and durable equipments.
  • Wet Sandblasting Equipment is used in heavy engineering, construction, and other industrial applications.
High Pressure Water Sand Blasting Pump
High Pressure Water Sand Blasting Pump
PXI 21,50