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Triplex Plunger Pumps
High pressure hawk pumps are great industrial cleaning pumps. These are integrated with carefully engineered components, and designed to meet rigorous demands of the industry. Also, these high-pressure pumps have features of reliable performance, long life & minimal maintenance. We provide a wide range of industrial pumps, appropriate for a multitude of applications.
Water Blasting Equipment
We offer high-pressure water blasting equipment for industrial fields. These equipment features enhanced performance, best operating efficiency and super durability. Also, they perform well in tough and extreme conditions. Our equipment gives excellent cleaning results, and there is an excellent pressure range as well.
Hydro Test Pump
Our hydrostatic test pumps work for large volumes, and offer excellent flow rates. These are ideal for testing irrigation lines, sprinkler systems, pressure vessels, and small water lines etc. The pumps are suited for use with several fluids. All our models are compact, rugged and performance-oriented in nature. Also, we keep up with a range of output pressure capacities.

Reciprocating Plunger Pump
Reciprocating triplex plunger pumps deal with liquids at high pressures with minimal pulsation. They are outstanding in construction, engineering and operation. The pumps are great for industrial uses, and suitable for specific flow rate & pressure requirements. They are engineered to be rugged, application-specific and dependable.
High Pressure Plunger Pump
Designed & engineered to global quality standards, our triplex plunger pumps are economic, efficient and dependable. These are outstanding high-pressure pumps that are perfect for numerous applications. They show great performance in applications that involve high-pressure water, or other fluids. The pumps are used widely in vehicle cleaning, water management, pressure washing, and other areas.
Industrial Water Jetting Pump
Our high pressure washers are engineered to perform under tough working conditions. They bring efficient cleaning results with high pressure & excellent flow rates. Also, the washers feature high-performance capabilities. Powerful, compact & easy to move, they are a perfect solution for any cleaning job. They exhibit advanced engineering, highest quality components and cost benefits.
High Pressure Cleaner Accessories
We offer high-pressure cleaner & washer accessories that are easy to use, effective and reliable. They show good integration with pressure washers or cleaners. Precisely engineered, the accessories meet the highest quality requirements for various industrial tasks. They help in easy setting, accurate results and efficient cleaning. Also, they are perfect for high flow rates & pressures.
Wet Sandblasting Equipments
Wet sandblasting equipments are used widely in heavy engineering, construction, fabrication, and other industrial applications. Their applications include: rust removal, casting cleaning, stone cleaning / designing, and more. Also, we manufacture the equipments for greater versatility, excellent pressure and extreme conditions. Here the introductory advantage is effective dust control.
Hydro Jetting Tube Cleaning Machine
Provided Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning Pumps are suited for condenser tube cleaning, heat exchanger tube cleaning, evaporator tube cleaning and numerous other pipe cleaning applications. These insure brush cleaning, water pipe cleaning, chemical cleaning, etc.
High Pressure Water Jetting Machine
High Pressure Water Jetting Machines we deal in are applicable for streets, walls and pavements. These are also useful for the renovation of historic buildings as well as façade. Also, these allow for rust removal, descaling of work pieces and paint stripping.

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